ASI has been providing waterproofing services for over 30 years to both commercial and residential clients.

If you are beginning to notice foul smells, visible mold/mildew, or experience new allergy problems or sinus related discomfort; these may be signs of the first step of water infiltration in your home.

Visible water, moderate mold/mildew, hairline cracks in foundation, or wet drywall are all secondary signs of water infiltration, to which you should seek immediate help.

By the third stage of water infiltration, you will have 1/2’” or more in water in which will permanently damage any wood trim or drywall, and may cause possible electrical hazards.

If you have reached the fourth stage of water infiltration, you will begin experiencing structural problems, settlement issues and large cracks in the foundation, walls which may be caving inward, and/or noticeable dirt and mud. ASI will be able to assist in your waterproofing needs at any level.

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